Nariscia Henriques
Visual Artist
Multi-dimensional Being
I am a London-based visual artist and astrologer who creates with intention. My vibrant works honour the ancestral ways of expression, with nature motifs and symbolic mark-making. Through my art, I seek to balance the divine feminine and masculine and guide others back to self and visualise transcendence. As a master of colour, I intentionally use colour to evoke healing and higher thinking. My intuitive ways of expression have grown into a meditative art practice for healing which I share with my community through guided mediations and art therapy workshops. I discovered the power of binary code and have embedded selected works with it, which translate to a hidden divine message for the subconscious mind to receive. My in-depth knowledge of astrology has led me to read the charts of different artists’ artworks and gain insight for my own artistic practice. I continue to find ways to use my skills together to help others, expanding my practice with an out-of-the-box approach to astrology and art.