Moor to Love painting
'Moor to Love'
A visual journey into the essence of nature and spirituality.
This painting is a celebration of the humble, yet powerful presence of our connection to the universe. The figure on the far right is deeply rooted in the patterns of nature, yet still maintains a distance that invites contemplation and awe.
Through the use of vibrant acrylics and shimmering gold leaf, I aimed to capture the essence of spirituality and the beauty of self-realisation. The figure's long, vibrant beard is a testament to the spiritual journey he has embarked on.
As the artist, I poured my heart and soul into this piece, and I hope that it finds a home with a collector who shares my passion for the beauty and wonder of nature.
This is an original painting, measuring 90cm x 90cm, that will make a statement in any space. Thank you for considering this piece as part of your art collection.
Original painting
Acrylic paint and gold leaf on canvas
90cm x 90cm
"Eden Begins"
A celebration of the journey towards self-discovery and love.
This painting is an invitation to reflect on what Eden, or paradise, means to you. For me, it begins with the purity of self-love and acceptance, and the realisation that we are all miracles.
I expressed these ideas using acrylics on canvas, with a style that captures the beauty of nature and the vibrancy of life. Every stroke of the brush represents a step towards self-discovery and a deeper understanding of our true selves.
As an artist, I hope to inspire others to embrace their unique journeys and find their own versions of paradise. This is an original painting measuring 60cm x 80cm that will make a statement in any space and serve as a daily reminder to embrace the beauty within.
Thank you for considering 'Eden Begins' as part of your art collection.
Original painting 
Acrylic on canvas
60cm x 80cm
"The Calm Before The Storm"
This piece speaks to the moment right before we go through a deep transformation in our lives; the transition period that may feel both frightening and exciting at the same time because we're about to step into the unknown.
At the time I was transitioning into a new version of myself, not quite ready to show myself to the world but acknowledging the beauty and vibrancy that I kept close to my heart. Contemplating all the possibilities and getting ready to take that leap of faith. 
I love this piece because, no matter where I am in life, I am always going through some kind of transition. Being patient and honest with ourselves allows release and the agency to let go of who we were, to become who we want to be. So now, I embrace the transition, knowing that change is a beautiful thing.
hank you for considering 'The Calm Before The Storm' as part of your art collection.
Original Painting
100 cm x 100 cm
Acrylic on canvas
"Depth of mine"
Inspired by the depth of blue, the depth of the ocean, the depth of nature, and understanding that the depth, is where we reside. The deeper we go into the unknown is actually how we remind ourselves of who we are. We discover complete clarity and knowledge of self. Sometimes we run from ourselves, too afraid to face ourselves. Not realising that once we surrender to our truth and swim to our depths, is how we reach magical heights.
hank you for considering 'Depth of mine' as part of your art collection.
Original painting
Acrylic on canvas

76cm x 102cm
A two-part series that invites you to connect with the power of growth and transformation.
From experience, I know that grounding is the foundation of all personal growth which is why I intentionally ground myself as part of my daily practice and especially before I create.
 These paintings are a celebration of the process of growth and blooming into our higher selves. Just like a plant needs to ground itself in the earth, we too must root ourselves in order to grow into the beautiful beings we are meant to be.
Through the use of women as my subjects, I aimed to capture the natural essence and energy of this process.
These original paintings, (above and below) each measuring 80cm x 60cm, are a testament to the beauty and power of personal growth.

Thank you for considering 'Afro-Blooming' as part of your art collection.

Original Paintings
Acrylic on canvas

80cm x 60cm

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